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Lab number
Material dated
pottery encrustation; tartre de poterie
Seneca County, Cayuga quadrangle, New York
Map sheet
John P. Hart
Date uploaded
January 15, 2020
Date updated
March 8, 2004
Normalized Age
1260 ± 39
δ13C (per mil)
Middle Woodland; Sylvicole moyen
cooking residue from the interior of Wickham Corded Punctate vessel (42729-5)
Associated taxa
cultigen: Zea mays, Cucurbita; Flora: Zizania aquatica, Cyperus
Additional information
Chemical pretreatment was performed at ISGS, and the sample was dated by the Oxford Accelerator Unit. A second C-13 ratio = -25.8.
Kipp Island: This site is located on the Seneca River on a landform rising above Montezuma's Marsh north of Cayuga Lake. It is the type site of Ritchie's Middle Woodland Kipp Island phase, although it also produced other components. Hart et al. (2003) present 11 AMS dates on cooking residues from pottery vessel interiors. The dates fall into two groups that approximately correspond to Ritchie's Hunter's Home and Kipp Island phases, respectively. Phytoliths recovered from the residues indicate that the pots were used to cook maize, wild rice, squash, and a tuberous sedge.