CARD 2.0 is a collaborative project. It is based at the Laboratory of Archaeology (LOA) at the University of British Columbia, but it operates in partnership with its founding institution, the Canadian Museum of History (formerly the Canadian Museum of Civilization). The Director of CARD is Andrew Martindale (UBC) and the Advisory Committee includes Matthew Betts (CMH), Michael Blake (UBC), Michelle Chaput (Ottawa), Andrew Mason (Golder), Konrad Gajewski (Ottawa), and Pierre Vemeersch (K U Leuven).

CARD is a crowd-sourced database in which data are supplied by users. CARD operates with a decentralized administrative model in which the Advisory Committee administers and facilitates its development via a series of partners who have responsibility for regional representation or functional capacity. CARD has recently expanded from the efforts of individual users and by the merging of other databases with CARD. These include:

Funding for CARD comes from federal grant funds and from public and private sponsors. Our current sponsors include: The Canadian Museum of History, the Laboratory of Archaeology at UBC, UBC's Faculty of Arts, Culture Code, and Golder Associates.

If you are interested in join CARD as either a research or funding partner, please contact Andrew Martindale at [email protected].