Future Directions

This page is an inventory of issues we have identified in the current version of CARD as well as short and long term plans for modification and expansion to the system. If you have any suggestions or spot any errors or bugs, please send us a note at [email protected].

Short term Issues:

  1. Some submitted dates are missing the first two digits of the year of submission and this is imported as "00" rather than "19".
  2. Some lab codes have letters after the lab numbers that seem extraneous. Check and remove if required.
  3. Socket with DINAA, the Digital Index of North American Archaeology.

Long Term Issues:

  1. Some data is missing from samples.
  2. Some data is incorrect in samples.
  3. Bibliographic data is missing from References.
  4. Add an error reporting button on the Samples page.
  5. Facilitate the downloading of data from search results in the Locations and Sites pages or combine Locations and Sites tabs under Sample tab.
  6. Researchers should be able to upload dates to a queue that regional administrators can approve for uploading to CARD.
  7. Translate web system into French and Spanish mirror platforms.
  8. Add a data quality indicator to dates to allow flagging of errors and of grades of reliability.
  9. Add an automated permission-granted email composition process to allow users to permit CARD to request date information from radiocarbon labs.
  10. Locate archived data from defunct labs.
  11. Add output graphing features for dates (histograms, etc.).
  12. Add output mapping features for dates in a range of formats (shapefiles, etc.).
  13. Allow for searches by date ranges.
  14. Allow for search results to be sorted via column headings on display page.

Future Directions

  1. Consider adding a discussion page.
  2. Add heat map function.
  3. Add map-based search function.
  4. Expand CARD to other isotopic databases, such as dietary isotopes.