Carr et al. 2020, Arch of Nat Amer in Penn.

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Beta-84240 36CN23 (Bonner-Young) PA 480 ± 60
Beta-83693 36ER8 (Sceiford (formerly A. D.Phillips-Wrig)) 620 ± 60
Beta-83692 36ER8 (Sceiford (formerly A. D.Phillips-Wrig)) 500 ± 50
Beta-83691 36ER8 (Sceiford (formerly A. D.Phillips-Wrig)) 820 ± 70
Beta-78753 36ER6 (Wintergreen Gorge) 400 ± 60
Beta-78752 36WA134 (Clyde English) PA 640 ± 60
Beta-77496 36CD7 (Kalgren) PA 450 ± 70
Beta-73219 36CN23 (Bonner-Young) PA 400 ± 60
Beta-72275 36LA1129 (Fisher) PA 410 ± 70
Beta-68785 36FO65 (Indian Camp Run 1)
Beta-67430 36CD7 (Kalgren) PA
Beta-65435 36LA58 (Shenk Farm) PA
Beta-63149 36CE362 (Shuey (PASS name Shuey-Barton)) PA 810 ± 60
Beta-62910 36LA58 (Shenk Farm) PA
Beta-62853 36CD7 (Kalgren) PA
Beta-62473/CAMS-6519 36BV292 (Connoquenessing) PA 3000 ± 60
Beta-58902 36CH283 (Parke Farm (PASS name Dutt #L/Parke Farm)) PA
Beta-55306 36ME105 (Goddard (PASS name CRMP's N18-11)) PA
Beta-53148 36CD7 (Kalgren) PA
Beta-52250 36BK531 (Poplar Neck (PASS name Reading Bone Fertilizer))
Beta-51311 36LA248 (O.F. Hess) PA
Beta-48222 36LY309 (Canfield Flats) PA
Beta-48221 36LU11 (King's) PA
Beta-46147 36ER6 (Wintergreen Gorge)
Beta-43791 36LY287 (Snyder) PA