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Lab number
Field number
CMC- 629
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
southeast corner of Suffield Military Reserve, left bank of South Saskatchewan River, 632 m asl, within a large meander locally known as the Bull Pen, southeastern Alberta
Map sheet
72 L/07
J. Brumley
Date submitted
March 14, 0097
Measured Age
2130 ± 130
Normalized Age
2130 ± 130
δ13C (per mil)
Middle Archaic, McKean, anomalous, young; Archaïque moyen, anormal, jeune
Stratigraphic component
Occupation 9
occupation 9, unit 3, pieces scattered over a broad area of the living floor, 1-4 m west of datum
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Bison bison 6, Antilocapra americana 1, Sylvilagus sp 1; Mollusca: Unionidae 1
EbOp-16, Cactus Flower: This is a campsite containing ten defined occupations well separated stratigraphically by alluvial deposits deposited largely by flooding of the river. Occupations are designated I-X from latest to earliest. Occupations I and II are assignable to the Pelican Lake phase, while occupations III through IX are attributed to the McKean complex. Occupation X is of unknown cultural affiliation. S-783 is too late and S-1013 too early by 300-400 years, in view of stratigraphic positions, other dates at site, and dates from Pelican Lake and McKean components elsewhere. The remaining results are acceptable.