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Lab number
Field number
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
on a terrace of morainal origin, 370 m above and 1.5 km distant from Fraser River, about 25 km upstream from Lillooet, British Columbia
Map sheet
92 I/13
Date submitted
July 5, 2000
Date uploaded
February 14, 2020
Normalized Age
1580 ± 60
sub-housepit 3, beneath northern floor of housepit 7, feature 16, a large hearth with fired rock and dense charcoal, square NN, subsquare 13, level 1
EeRl-7, Keatley Creek: This largest remaining pithouse village in the region includes 119 house depressions ranging 5-21 m in diameter. Of 24 housepits test-excavated, almost all of the large and medium-size ones were first occupied during the Shuswap horizon (3500-2400 BP), continued to be used during the Plateau horizon (2400-1200 BP), and were abandoned at the beginning of the Kamloops horizon (1200-200 BP). Lepofsky, et al. (1996) report faunal remains from a small (HP 12), medium-sized (HP 3) and large (HP 7) housepit. HP 3 and HP 7 yielded radiocarbon dates of ca. 1100 BP, and HP 12 "appears to have been occupied a few hundred years earlier" (Lepofsky, et al. 1996:36). Dates are not given in this report, but were supplied in an unpublished manuscript (Hayden, 1995). A larger series of dates is supplied by Prentiss et al. (2003).