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Lab number
Field number
DjRi-7: 31
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
directly across the Fraser River from Yale, British Columbia
Map sheet
92 H/11
Date submitted
July 11, 0096
Date uploaded
February 14, 2020
Normalized Age
5240 ± 100
Terrace III, gritty sandy loam, scattered through deposit
DjRi-7, South Yale: Borden found a pebble tool assemblage that he interpreted as a late Pleistocene cultural entity called the Pasika complex. The date returned by I-8208 was interpreted to mean that the sample consisted of an intrusive root burned by a forest fire. Subsequent work by Haley produced three more dates from samples archived by Borden, and all of the ages correspond to the time spans of the Eayem and Baldwin phases of Borden's chronology. Haley interprets Pasika as an expedient technology that was practiced by several cultural groups rather than as a cultural complex.