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Lab number
Material dated
wood; bois
north of Point Roberts, ca. 2 m asl, Strait of Georgia, British Columbia
Map sheet
92 G/03
Date submitted
February 13, 0097
Date uploaded
February 14, 2020
Measured Age
1160 ± 80
Normalized Age
430 ± 80
Stratigraphic component
Zone A
Zone A, post, feature A37, unit A33, 125 cm depth, in pit first observed at Layers AA/AB contact
DgRs-2, Tsawwassen: The excavaters distinguish seven zones (A-G), each with its own stratigraphic and cultural sequence. R. Brolly (p.c. 1999) examined the reports from the Beta laboratory and confirmed that the dates on human bones are uncorrected ages. These must be normalized by adding at least 100 years to the mean, but they cannot be precisely corrected for isotopic fractionation in the absence of measured C-13 ratios.