Berry and Berry, 1986

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
UGA-2127 Z: (Tsegi Canyon, Cave 3)
UGA-2129 Z: (Tsegi Canyon, Cave 3)
UGA-2137 Q:12:13 AZ
UGA-2139 Q:12:13 AZ
UGA-2195 Y:6:10 (MAV-37) AZ
UGA-2264 Y:8:3 (Lago Seco) AZ
W-621 B: (Tse-an Bida Cave) AZ
W-143 42? (Bear Lake core)
UGa-905A 42SV6 (Sudden Shelter) UT 3375 ± 200 -25.0