Berry and Berry, 1986

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
UGa-2101 NA-14646 (Hardscrabble Wash) AZ
UGa-2102 NA-14646 (Hardscrabble Wash) AZ
UGa-2103 NA-14646 (Hardscrabble Wash) AZ
UGa-2104 NA-14646 (Hardscrabble Wash) AZ
UGa-2110 NA-14654 AZ
UGa-2111 NA-14654 AZ
UGa-2118 P: (NA-14681) AZ
UGa-2119 P: (NA-14681) AZ
UGa-2127 NA-14868
UGa-2129 NA-14277 AZ
UGa-2137 Q:12:13 AZ
UGa-2139 Q:12:13 AZ
UGa-2195 Y:6:10 (MAV-37) AZ
GX-798(1) Q: (Hay Hollow)
GX-798(2) Q: (Hay Hollow)
Tx-1038 EE: (Horsethief Draw) AZ
Tx-1194 EE: (Horsethief Draw) AZ
Tx-938 EE: (Horsethief Draw) AZ
Tx-939 EE: (Horsethief Draw) AZ
UGa-1674 D:7:3013 (Mesa Top) AZ
UGa-1676 D:7:3013 (Mesa Top) AZ
UGa-1678 D:7:3013 (Mesa Top) AZ
UGa-1679 D:7:3013 (Mesa Top) AZ
A-20,-23 W:10:112 (Cienega Site) AZ 2100 ± 150 -25.0
A-25B W:10:112(ASM) (Cienega Creek Site) AZ 2440