Berry and Berry, 1986

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
A-258 W:13:6(ASM) (McEuen Cave) AZ 2200
A-450 a EE:12:1 (Lehner Ranch) AZ 2550 ± 160 -25.0
A-479 A EE:12:1 (Lehner Ranch) AZ 1430 ± 160 -25.0
A-615 A EE:12:2 (Hereford Dairy Ranch) AZ 3530 ± 100 -25.0
A-809-A LA-9300-AT (Armijo Tank Shelter) NM 7630 ± 140 -18.28
A-885 EE:2:50(ASM) (Pantano) AZ 1782
A-886 EE:2:50(ASM) (Pantano) AZ 1678
I-8047 D:7:152 AZ
I-8402 D:7:152 AZ
I-8403 D:7:152 AZ 2000
I-8404 D:7:152 AZ
I-8405 D:7:152 AZ
I-8406 D:7:152 AZ
K-554 EE:12:1 (Lehner Ranch) AZ
L-432 B W:10:112 (Cienega Site) AZ 2200 ± 140 -25.0
M-540 W:10:112(ASM) (Cienega Creek Site) AZ
M-1836 U:10:2(ASU) (Red Mountain) AZ
M-1837 T:16:19(ASU) AZ
M-1838 T:16:9(ASU) AZ
RL-463 42WN631 (Sand Creek Site) UT
RL-486 42WN631 (Sand Creek Site) UT
RL-487 42WN631 (Sand Creek Site) UT
RL-488 42WN631 (Sand Creek Site) UT
RL-489 42?
RL-1157 41EP493 (Keystone 33) 3300 ± 140 -25.0