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Lab number
Field number
CMC- 471
Material dated
bone collagen; collagène osseux
North Saskatchewan drainage, Alberta
Map sheet
83 G/07
T.C. Losey
Date submitted
March 13, 0098
Measured Age
1095 ± 130
Normalized Age
1175 ± 130
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland, Besant?; Sylvicole
Stratigraphic component
Level 1
occupation 1, location 1, 25'N/0'E, 6 cm depth, base of the Lh horizon, distinct from the aeolian sand below it
FiPp-2, Cormie Ranch: This stratified site contains three components within aeolian sand of a former beach deposit. It is thought to be related to a nearby kill site, possibly a mire-trap, but the cultural affiliation is uncertain. Although GaK-3808 falls within the time range of the McKean/Duncan/Hanna series, the component cannot be directly associated with projectile points of that type. The recovered projectile points do not resemble that series, and they represent a distinct entity on the northern Plains. The date on the middle component (BGS-80) is much younger than expected, but the estimate was purely subjective. It was expected that occupation 2 would be closer in time to occupation 3 rather than to occupation 1 because of evidence of radical environmental change between occupations 2 and 1. In view of the dates, the environmental change may merely reflect local stabilization of the beach environment through natural succession rather than through any change in climate. The date on occupation 1 is consistent with site stratigraphy, although it is younger than expected.