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Lab number
Material dated
unknown; inconnu
east of Elbow, just north of the Douglas Park Sand Hills, between the Qu'Appelle Valley headwater and the South Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan
Map sheet
72 O/01
S.M. Webster
Date submitted
March 8, 2006
Measured Age
1880 ± 50
Normalized Age
1954 ± 50
Late Archaic, Pelican Lake?; Archaïque supérieur
Occupation 1c
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Bison sp
EgNo-23: This may be the first McKean series bison kill yet found in the northern Plains. The site is situated among stabilized sand dunes, and bison procurement may have involved ambush at a dune depression that supplied drinking water. Multiple components include a Besant occupation (1a), three Pelican Lake occupations (1b, 1c, sand between 1 and 2), a Duncan-Hanna occupation (2a), a possible Hanna component (2b), a component with McKean lanceolate points (3), and an Oxbow occupation (4). Radiocarbon dates were obtained for all except 1a and 1b. A date on the Oxbow component is anomalously young, possibly due to contamination from a calcium carbonate concentration in the lower sediments (Webster, 2004: 156). Components 2a and 2b could be kept separate in only part of the excavated area, and elsewhere they are grouped as Level 2. The site was discovered during construction of a pipeline, and a large area was disturbed by heavy equipment. Two dates were obtained on bones from the disturbed area.