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Lab number
Material dated
bone collagen; collagène osseux
within a residential area in southwestern Saskatoon, on the Saskatoon terrace, South Saskatchewan River, Saskatchewan
Map sheet
73 B/02
E.G. Walker
Date submitted
July 11, 0096
Measured Age
5740 ± 110
Normalized Age
5820 ± 110
δ13C (per mil)
Archaic, Mummy Cave; Archaïque
cultural layer and bone bed in paleosol in alluvial sand
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Bison bison 2970-26, Canis sp 2-1, Lepus sp 2-1, Spermophilus sp (intrusive?); Aves: Ectopistes migratorius 1-1
FaNq-56, Norby: Four excavation areas are separated by narrow impediments such as laneways, and together they span an area about 12 m long. Most of the points are large side-notched forms typical of the early side-notched (Mummy Cave) series, but one is a reworked stemmed point of possible Palaeoindian affinity. The site is a single component bison kill with three radiocarbon dates that can be averaged and a fourth much older date obtained during Leyden's study of southern Saskatchewan bison palaeoecology.