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Lab number
Material dated
Type of date
La Plata
Date uploaded
November 9, 2021
Wyoming team
Date updated
December 31, 2020
Normalized Age
1110 ± 70
δ13C (per mil)
Feature 2 roof fall. The 2nd date from roof fall is much older (old wood?). Feature 2 is a small, subrectangular pit structure ca. 3 m SE of the surface room block. Meas. 3.2 x 3 m. Walls unprepared; upper portion of walls were oxidized. The structure had been excavated to the natural SS bedrock then leveled with native clay. No other preparation of floor. Subfeatures: central hearth, wing wall complex, vent, 3 post holes, and a deflector. Hearth fill is interpreted as indicating aperiod of abandonment prior o final usage or seasonal use during occupation. A natural alluvial deposit separated the 2 hearth fills. The wing walls were 3 upright slabs, adjacent and perpendicular to the deflector, enclosing the space to the SE. Buried under post occupational alluvial deposits. Partially filled prior to burning. After accumulation of unburned alluvial fill, the superstructure burned and collapsed on this deposit. It included large sections of construction beams and dense deposits of oxidized adobe. Subsequently filled with alluvial sediments. No evidence of structure of the modern ground surface. Floor artifacts: sherds, GS, ornament, debitage, bird, jackrabbit, cottontail, deer, and other mamal bone, bone awls
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