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Lab number
Material dated
ash and maple charcoal; charbon de frêne et d'érable
Taxa dated
Fraxinus sp. and cf. Acer sp. (DiMv-61:1370, id. by D.M. Deck)
about 13.5 km west on municipal road 606 from Midale, on north bank of Souris River, 546 m asl, about 56 km upstream of Estevan, Saskatchewan
Map sheet
62 E/05
C.T. Shay
Date submitted
July 18, 0096
Measured Age
990 ± 80
Normalized Age
990 ± 80
δ13C (per mil)
Stratigraphic component
Level 11
hearth or burn pit in alluvial sediment, Level 11, unit 463S/501E, 50-55 cm depth
DiMv-61, Peg: This is a multicomponent campsite with several Avonlea components around 2 m depth. One of these, Level 18, yielded a date on bison rib fragments (S-2968). According to C.T. Shay, in addition to dating the site occupation, GSC-5842 also corresponds to a coarsening of the alluvial sequence, suggesting the occurrence of more frequent and higher magnitude flood events.