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Lab number
Material dated
bison bone collagen; collagène osseux de bison
Taxa dated
Bison sp. scapula (216 g)
floodplain at the confluence of Jewel Creek and Roughbark Creek, Souris drainage, Saskatchewan
Map sheet
62 E/05
M. Rollans
Date submitted
July 11, 0096
Measured Age
1050 ± 80
Normalized Age
1130 ± 80
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland, Prairie; Sylvicole
Stratigraphic component
Level 3
Level 3, unit 106N/143E, SW quad, feature 1, an ash pit
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Bison sp
DiMv-38, Jots: The site consists of a dense bone bed with hearth features and bone-filled pits. Associated point styles are mainly Prairie side-notched with some Avonlea characteristics noted in the ceramic assemblage. A bone sample from an ash pit just beneath the bone bed yielded a radiocarbon date.