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Lab number
Material dated
bone collagen; collagène osseux
south bank of Long Creek about 1 km above its confluence with the Souris River, Saskatchewan
Map sheet
62 E/03
J.T. Finnigan
Date submitted
July 11, 0096
Measured Age
485 ± 110
Normalized Age
565 ± 110
δ13C (per mil)
"garbage pit", 90 cm deep, top at 60-70 cm depth
DgMs-28, Pawson: This site was originally recorded as a dense scatter of bone on a cultivated field. More recently the site was monitored during the installation of a water pipeline to supply the City of Estevan (Finnigan 1985b). The pipeline trench revealed four archaeological features including a "garbage pit" 90 cm deep originating 60-70 cm below the original ground surface (Finnigan 1985b: 21-23). This pit is believed to belong to the second of three cultural components at the site, and bones from the pit fill supplied a radiocarbon date (S-2692). No diagnostic artifacts were found in association with this date, but the age conforms with slim evidence that the site belongs to the Late Plains period.