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Lab number
Field number
CMC- 561
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
on the first terrace on the west bank of Belly River, northwest of Mountain View, Alberta
Map sheet
82 H/04
J.M. Quigg
Date submitted
March 6, 0097
Measured Age
630 ± 135
Normalized Age
630 ± 135
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland, Old Women's; Sylvicole
Stratigraphic component
Level 3
stone-lined hearth, Test 4, Level 2 (analytical level 3)
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Bison sp
DgPk-75: This multicomponent site contained three occupation levels associated with buried soils separated by about 10-12 cm of sterile sediment. The levels were numbered from the top down during excavation and are so reported in the date lists, but Quigg's (1974: 30) final report reverses the numbering, making level 1 the lowest and oldest while level 3 is the youngest and highest. Quigg notes that S-723 falls well within the range of the Old Women's phase and cross-checks nicely with ceramics, a Plains triangular point, and numerous obsidian hydration dates obtained from specimens also associated with the sampled hearth. S-724 falls at the terminus of the Avonlea phase or the start of the Old Women's phase. Although no culturally diagnostic material was recovered from this occupation, it is considered that similarities in debris on the living floor, lithic types, and obsidian hydration dates place it in the Old Women's phase. If correct, this is one of the earliest dates assigned to this phase.