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Lab number
Material dated
bone collagen; collagène osseux
west of Cochrane, Coal Creek, Bow drainage, Alberta
Map sheet
82 O/07
J.M. Quigg
Date submitted
March 12, 0098
Measured Age
1980 ± 85
Normalized Age
2060 ± 85
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland, Besant; Sylvicole
buried tipi ring
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Bison sp, Odocoileus sp
Coal Creek, EhPp-1: Vickers notes that this is one of the few winter tipi ring sites yet discovered. The site includes three buried tipi rings and several other features. Hearths were found inside the rings and also outside, and fire broken rock was found within the hearths and in nearby piles. The winter season is suggested by the topographic situation, the high concentration (75%) of artifacts within the rings, and the presence of fetal bison bone. Most of the lithic materials (90%) are of local origin.