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Lab number
Field number
CMC- 61
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
south of the village of Cazaville, Huntingdon County, Châteauguay River, Montréal region, Québec
Map sheet
31 G/01
J.F. Pendergast
Date submitted
November 26, 0097
Measured Age
450 ± 130
Normalized Age
450 ± 130
δ13C (per mil)
Late Woodland, Iroquois; Sylvicole supérieur, Iroquoïenne
Pit 1, 45-60 cm depth
BgFo-3, Berry: Pendergast notes that on the basis of ceramic seriation, the site belongs early in the St. Lawrence Iroquous sequence, and the dates provided by GSC-451 and GSC-453 would leave less than 100 years for the whole sequence to evolve before Cartier's visit to Hochelaga in AD 1534. This appears unlikely in view of many kindred sites in the area that involve significant artifact variation difficult to accomodate within only a century.