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Lab number
Field number
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
Taxa dated
(13.8 g)
north shore of Lake Erie, 176.8 m asl, sand knoll overlooking the Long Point marsh, 250 m from Bruce Boyd (AdHc-4), Norfolk County, Ontario
Map sheet
40 I/09
W.A. Fox
Date submitted
April 19, 0097
Measured Age
2795 ± 115
Normalized Age
2795 ± 115
δ13C (per mil)
Early Woodland, Meadowood; Sylvicole inférieur
Stratigraphic component
Component 1
Unit A, Feature 1, from 123 litre flotation sample
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Homo sapiens, Ondatra zibethicus; Reptilia, Testudines
AdHc-1, Boyd Lakefront: This is a multicomponent site with two Early Woodland pits and a Late Woodland (Glen Meyer) campsite. Cooper and Savage (1994: 12) list different taxa from those in Fox (1983b). The former may be focused on the Glen Meyer component, with 308 specimens recovered from a 2 sq m test pit, and the latter may report a Meadowood fauna. In any case, both warm-weather and year-round species are present, and the exposed shoreline location would seem to favour the warm season.