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Lab number
Field number
Material dated
wood; bois
Taxa dated
Picea sp (identified by R.J. Mott)
at the mouth of First Canyon, about 700 m asl, north side of South Nahanni River, in Nahanni National Park, District of Mackenzie, Northwest Territories
Map sheet
095 F/08
G.O. Lee
Measured Age
7920 ± 140
Normalized Age
7920 ± 140
δ13C (per mil)
palaeobiology; paléobiologie
about 135 to 180 m into Grotte Valerie, ice floor of cave
Grotte Valerie, JhTm-VP: Wood samples were colleted from the floor of the cave (Grotte Valerie) in limestone. The cave temperature is relatively constant, with seasonal variations a few degrees above or below freezing. The cave also contains numerous skeletons of Dall's sheep (Ovis dalli). General Comments on the series (G.O. Lee): GSC-1727 is considerably younger than GSC-1634, which was taken from the same general vicinity in the cave. These dates, in conjunction with other C-14 dates on the skull of a Dall's sheep and uranium series dates on stalactites, will help to trace the historic development of the caves as well as to reconstruct the development of plant communities in this unglaciated terrain.