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Lab number
Material dated
charred bone; os carbonisé
head of a draw in the south bank of the Oldman River, a few hundred metres south of the Lower Kill, about 28 km northeast of Lethbridge, Alberta
Map sheet
82 H/15
R.G. Forbis
Date submitted
January 12, 0098
Measured Age
855 ± 90
Normalized Age
935 ± 90
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland, Avonlea?; Sylvicole
cultural layer possibly containing a mixture of cultural materials
DlPd-1, Upper Kill: Forbis (1960) considered this an enigmatic site. Not only was its mode of operation as a kill site difficult to understand, but also its predominant projectile point style had not yet been named and dated. Forbis referred to the projectile points as the "Upper Kill type," but they have since been known as Avonlea points, a type named a year later. The exact provenience of a radiocarbon date listed by Byrne (1973: 630) has not been published but is reputed to be a mixed context (Morlan, 1988: 302).