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Lab number
Material dated
bison bone collagen; collagène osseux de bison
Taxa dated
Bison sp. humerus (MlVl-2:121)
right bank of Old Crow River, Old Crow Basin, Porcupine drainage, northern Yukon Territory
Map sheet
116 O/13
R.E. Morlan
Date submitted
May 1, 0097
Normalized Age
34700 ± 600
δ13C (per mil)
geochronology, palaeobiology, artifact?; géochronologie, paléobiologie, artefact?
alluvium, Disconformity A
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Sorex tundrensis, Lepus americanus, Lepus arcticus, Spermophilus parryii, Castor canadensis, Castoroides ohioensis, Lemmus sibiricus, Phenacomys intermedius, Clethrionomys rutilus cf., Microtus miurus, Microtus pennsylvanicus, Microtus xanthognathus, Ondatra zibethicus, Dicrostonyx sp, Vulpes or Alopex lagopus, Ursus americanus cf., Ursus arctos, Mustela erminea, Mammuthus sp, Equus sp, Aves, Pisces
Additional information
AMS date. Collagen extraction method 1.
MlVl-2, Old Crow River Locality CRH-15: This is one of the few Pleistocene localities in eastern Beringia that has produced multiple vertebrate assemblages in stratigraphic sequence. It has also produced possible evidence of human activity on bones from an erosional contact known as Disconformity A. Of nine radiocarbon dates from CRH-15, the six dates on bone collagen are included in this database. Three of the bones are considered to be possible artifacts because of their fresh-state fractures and well preserved impact scars. Fauna: Alces alces, Rangifer tarandus, Bison bison; Aves, Anatidae, cf. Lagopus; Pisces, Coregonus nasus, Thymallus arcticus, Lota lota, Cottus sp