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Lab number
Material dated
saiga bone collagen; collagène osseux de saïga
Taxa dated
Saiga tartarica cranium (MgVo-3:85-125, id. by C.R. Harington)
overlooking the upper-middle course of Bluefish River, 600 m asl, 54 km southwest of Old Crow, Porcupine drainage, northern Yukon Territory
Map sheet
116 N/02
J. Cinq-Mars
Date submitted
May 1, 0097
Normalized Age
13390 ± 180
δ13C (per mil)
palaeobiology; paléobiologie
late Pleistocene loess containing a bone bed
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Mammuthus primigenius cf., Equus lambei, Rangifer tarandus, Bison priscus cf., Ovibos moschatus, Ovis dalli, Saiga tartarica
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