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Lab number
Material dated
mammoth bone collagen; collagène osseux de mammouth
Taxa dated
Mammuthus sp. thoracic vertebra (id. by C.R. Harington)
Schink and Lamontagne claim, Gold Run Creek, Klondike District, Yukon drainage, Yukon Territory
Map sheet
115 O/10
C.R. Harington
Date submitted
June 22, 0098
Normalized Age
32250 ± 1750
palaeobiology; paléobiologie
muck near the surface of underlying gold-bearing gravel at a placer mine
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Canis lupus, Arctodus simus, Taxidea taxus 1, Panthera leo atrox, Mammut americanum, Mammuthus primigenius, Equus lambei, Equus kiang cf., Alces alces, Rangifer tarandus, Bison alaskensis, Bison crassicornis, Boötherium bombifrons?
KkVi-VP-32, Dawson Locality 32: The mammals in this assemblage suggest that extensive tracts of cool steppe-like grassland covered upland areas in the region during the late Wisconsinan. Patches of forest may have been located in valleys. Because of the relatively high density of the bones, it would appear that many of the vertebrates were transported down-slope from the former grassland toward the end of the Wisconsinan and became concentrated near the surface of the local creek gravels.