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Lab number
Field number
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
northeast shore of Little Atlin Lake, 0.5-1 km east of Little Atlin Creek, south of Whitehorse, Yukon drainage, Yukon Territory
Map sheet
105 D/08
S. Greer
Date submitted
May 6, 0097
Measured Age
570 ± 110
Normalized Age
570 ± 110
δ13C (per mil)
Taye Lake, anomalous, young; anormal, jeune
Stratigraphic component
Component 3 B
Component 3B, unit N11/W15, NW quad, 25 cm depth, 10-15 cm below tephra
JbUm-1, Luu Cho: Greer recognizes three components in this site: Component 1, late prehistoric material above the White River tephra, with one radiocarbon date; Level 2, White River tephra; Component 3A, Taye Lake phase material just below the tephra, with one marginally satisfactory radiocarbon date; and Component 3B, Taye Lake phase material at greater depth, with one anomalous date, S-2490, that is younger than the overlying White River tephra.