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Lab number
Material dated
bone collagen; collagène osseux
around the west side of a slough on Hutterite land just south of the Calf Mountain sites, Pembina drainage, Manitoba
Map sheet
62 G/01
B.O.K. Reeves
Date submitted
April 4, 0097
Measured Age
1105 ± 85
Normalized Age
1185 ± 85
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland, Blackduck; Sylvicole
a road ditch cutbank with a Late Plains Woodland vessel having an S-shaped rim and cord-wrapped rod decoration
Additional information
It is assumed that this date was not corrected previously for isotopic fractionation.
DhLo-1, Calf Mountain: Many bones were observed (Manitoba Culture, Heritage & Citizenship files). W.M. Hlady reports C. Vickers' opinion that GX-1192 represents the Manitoba (Blackduck) phase (Manitoba Archaeological Newsletter 10(1-2): 43, 1973).