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Lab number
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
Windsor, Detroit River, Essex County, Ontario
Map sheet
40 J/06
H.J. Daechsel
Date submitted
June 25, 0099
Normalized Age
100 ± 70
Historic; Historique
one of two dated features
Associated taxa
Mammalia; Aves; Reptilia; Pisces
AbHs-11, Great Western Park: Two radiocarbon dates apparently reflect historic development of the park, but recovered artifacts indicate occupation over a period of about 1500 years. Cooper and Savage (1994: 37) indicate occupation beginning in the Late Woodland, with a Historic Ottawa component and a Eurocanadian component (AD 1000-1650, 18th and 19th centuries). Fill from 40 sq m of the park and five parking lot trenches was screened through 6 mm mesh, and samples from most features were flotated. The principal component is believed to be 18th century Ottawa, but recovered specimens (N=4928) came from a mix of components. Classes represented were mammal, avian, reptile, and fish, with the first most abundant. The species identified provide good evidence for warm weather occupation. An antler with cut tines is the only osseous artifact recovered.