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Lab number
Field number
CMC- 571
Material dated
charcoal and charred bone; charbon de bois et os carbonisé
base of the north slope of Cypress Hills, 1237 m asl, on south edge of a glacial meltwater channel, 1.6 km east of Elkwater Lake, southeastern Alberta
Map sheet
72 E/09
E. Gryba
Date submitted
January 5, 0098
Measured Age
7245 ± 255
Normalized Age
7245 ± 255
δ13C (per mil)
Archaic, Mummy Cave; Archaïque
Stratigraphic component
Component B12A
hearth in Area B, Layer 12A, composite sample: around stake 11E/22S; northeast quad 11E/22S; northwest quad 12E/22S, all at 350 cm depth
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Bison sp, Cervus elaphus, Spermophilus sp
Additional information
Wilmeth lists this site as DjOn-117.
DjOn-26, Stampede: This is a deep, well stratified, multicomponent camp site on the floodplain of a small creek. The matrix consists of fine sand and sandy clay with thin Ah soil horizons associated with occupation debris. Recognized components include Besant, Pelican Lake, Oxbow, and Mummy Cave complexes, the latter dated by S-731. The dated sample was 50 cm below Mazama tephra.