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Lab number
Field number
CMC- 197
Material dated
burned soil; sol brûlé
southwest side of Elkwater Lake, Cypress Hills, Alberta
Map sheet
72 E/09
R. Bonnichsen
Date submitted
January 5, 0098
Measured Age
1260 ± 100
Normalized Age
1260 ± 100
δ13C (per mil)
square 54Q, 65-105S/45-110W, 22 cm depth
Additional information
Wilmeth list this site as DjOn-100.
DjOn-8, Elkwater Lake: The site is situated on the surface of a large slump block with occupation debris scattered through about 30 cm of deposit. When submitted, GaK-1273 was expected to date a Pelican Lake component. Bonnichsen rechecked the depths of the points most closely related to the sample and determined that three of them, rather aberrant forms, came from near the sample at the same vertical depth. These three appears to be most closely related to Besant points but also show affinities to Hanna points. The date would tend to support the Besant identification.