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Lab number
Field number
CMC- 660
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
on a high ridge along Cape Cove between South Bill and Cape Island, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland
Map sheet
2 F/03
P. Carignan
Date submitted
July 4, 0097
Measured Age
1450 ± 110
Normalized Age
1450 ± 110
δ13C (per mil)
Proto-Beothuck; Proto-Béothuck
hearth, Locality 6, S15/E0
DhAi-1, Cape Freels 1: Carignan notes that the localities dated by the Saskatchewan lab were initially guess-dated to the late terminal Archaic period, 1000-300 BC, prior to the arrival of Dorset. All three dates indicate an occupation during and slightly later than the Dorset period and may alter previous conceptions of the cultural sequence of insular Newfoundland. Tuck lists I-7507 as a "Proto-Beothuck" date and finds it acceptable.