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Lab number
Field number
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
on the north bank of the Northwest Miramichi River, 1-2 m asl, just above its confluence with the Little Southwest Miramichi, Northumberland County, New Brunswick
Map sheet
21 I/13
P. Allen
Date submitted
July 2, 0097
Measured Age
570 ± 95
Normalized Age
570 ± 95
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland, anomalous, young; Sylvicole, anormal, jeune
hearth feature #22, N50.0-50.35/E58.3-58.6, just below the plow zone
CfDk-2, Wilson: This is an agriculturally disturbed, non-stratified, multi-component site on a level terrace about 30 m wide. Items of the Archaic, Early, Middle, and Late Woodland periods were found within the disturbed plow zone. Although Meadowood type projectile points are relatively common in the Wilson site collection, no dates on such point forms were available from Maritime sites as of 1981. Pottery with Middle Woodland decorative techniques was found in hearth area #22 accompanied by a Meadowood type projectile point base. P. Allen considers S-2269 unsatisfactory in view of the cultural associations. This sample was taken from a hearth area whose upper few cm may have been spread by the plow. A single piece of historic trash was found in the feature bag but without exact provenience.