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Lab number
Field number
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
Taxa dated
(6.4 g)
on the north shore of St. Peters Bay, just below the small community of Greenwich, Kings County, Prince Edward Island
Map sheet
11 L/07
D.L. Keenlyside
Date submitted
July 2, 0097
Measured Age
1280 ± 100
Normalized Age
1280 ± 100
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland; Sylvicole
shell midden, organic soil, test 1, 20 cm depth, 40 cm from shore
CcCp-7, Sutherland: This is a large midden/habitation site with cultural material scattered over a 4-6 hectare field. At the shoreline edge a narrow strip ca. 1-2 m wide remains relatively undisturbed. The presence of ceramic material in the deposit reflects a late prehistoric Maritime Woodland occupation. The extent of this site and associated large assemblage of diagnostic cultural material make this an important site for the region.