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Lab number
Field number
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
Taxa dated
(2.8 g)
on the south shore of St. Peters Bay, 4.5 km east of the mouth of Morell River, on the first point west of the mouth of Midgell River, Kings County, Prince Edward Island
Map sheet
11 L/07
D.L. Keenlyside
Date submitted
July 2, 0097
Measured Age
Normalized Age
δ13C (per mil)
heavily compacted black organic soil with calcined bone and lithics
CcCp-2, Porter: This site is saltwater coastal, probably a seasonal fishing/hunting camp. Erosion from rising sea level has destroyed most of the deposit, however intact deposits still remain on higher exposed beach levels. An overburden of humus and sand has been stripped through tidal erosion. Cultural affiliation is presently unknown, but an Archaic affiliation is probable. The associated lithic assemblage is unique to the region and has not been dated in the Maritimes. Keenlyside notes that the associated lithic assemblage includes a range of distinctive, large bifacial implements which have yet to be placed in a dated context in the Maritimes. Given the inter-tidal position of the remaining intact cultural deposits, an age determination should establish the rate of coastal attrition for the region.