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Lab number
Field number
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
at South Lake on the mainland shore, 4 m asl, near East Point, Kings County, Prince Edward Island
Map sheet
11 L/08
D.L. Keenlyside
Date submitted
July 2, 0097
Measured Age
875 ± 215
Normalized Age
875 ± 215
δ13C (per mil)
Late Prehistoric; Préhistorique récent
Stratigraphic component
Level 4
test unit 11, Level 4, 20-25 cm depth, with ceramics, lithics, bones
CcCm-30, Cheverie: This is a late prehistoric habitation site. Some shell is associated with the midden. The site is situated on the south bank of a stream that feeds South Lake. A similar deposit occurs at CcCm-12 on the opposite stream bank. Sea mammal hunting and fishing were likely the main activities. A 17th century historic French component occurs in the upper levels of the site deposit.