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Lab number
Field number
CAMS-18653; CMC-1471
Material dated
charcoal; charbon de bois
at the head of tide on the southeast bank of the St. Croix River, Hants County, Nova Scotia
Map sheet
21 H/16
D.L. Keenlyside
Date submitted
July 2, 0097
Measured Age
140 ± 60
Normalized Age
110 ± 60
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland, anomalous, young; Sylvicole, anormal, jeune
Feature 93-4, Level 2, Unit F6, N5.57/E5.73, 51 cm below datum
BfDa-1, St. Croix: The river forms part of a portage route that connects the Minas Basin with St. Margaret's Bay on the Atlantic coast. The route was in use from Archaic to historic times. Beta-80070 should date feature 93-4 which appears to be a Middle Ceramic (Woodland) period housepit. M. Deal comments: "It now looks like our levels 1A and 1B over feature 93-4 were at least partially disturbed. The sample came from just above the interface of levels 1B and 2. The interface was not distinct, so I had indicated it by a dashed line on the drawing. However, the ceramics in this unit are still in good relative positions according to stylistic attributes." Beta-49256 falls within the time range expected for ceramics representing ceramic period 1. Pottery from this site has also been dated by thermoluminescence.