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Lab number
Material dated
marine shell; coquillage
Taxa dated
Mercenaria mercenaria
about 11 km from the open coast at the head of the inlet known as the Head of Jeddore, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Map sheet
11 D/14
H.L. Sheldon
Date submitted
October 7, 0097
Measured Age
280 ± 70
Normalized Age
690 ± 115
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland; Sylvicole
cultural layer, all shells from a single unit
Associated taxa
Mollusca: Mercenaria mercenaria; see also Beta-14052
Additional information
It is assumed that this date was not previously corrected for isotopic fractionation. A marine reservoir correction is needed.
BeCs-3, Brown: Recovered materials are treated as a single component representing intermittent occupation from 1300 BP to European contact. Quahog shells were found scattered through the matrix, much like the lithic and ceramic materials, rather than being concentrated in a shell heap. In addition to four radiocarbon dates, four thermoluminescence dates were obtained from ceramic sherds submitted with a sample of associated soil: Alpha-2354 (BeCs-3: 1147), 370 +/- 50 BP, exhibited fading, a sloping plateau and soil radon loss; Alpha-2355 (BeCs-3: 1148), 1350 +/- 60 BP, same characteristics as Alpha-2354; Alpha-2356 (BeCs-3: 1149), 250 +/- 40 BP, experienced soil radon loss; Alpha-2357 (BeCs-3: 1150), 230 +/- 30 BP, exhibited fading and a sloping plateau.