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Lab number
Material dated
marine shell; coquillage
Taxa dated
Littorina littorea (id. by A.H. Clarke)
at Indian Point, St. Margaret's Bay, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Map sheet
11 D/12
A.H. Clarke
Date submitted
July 7, 0097
Measured Age
700 ± 225
Normalized Age
1110 ± 235
δ13C (per mil)
Late Prehistoric; Préhistorique récente
shell heap
Associated taxa
Mollusca: Littorina littorea; see also S-153
Additional information
sample consisted of 12 shells, averaging 15 mm in height.
BdCx-5, Reid: This is a stratified prehistoric shell heap attributed to the Micmac. Clarke and Erskine note that the status of Littorina littorea and of Ceprea hortensis as indigenous to the Western Hemisphere was previously doubted. The presence of caribou bones, and crowded lines of growth in Mercenaria mercenaria, provide evidence that the climate was formerly colder than at present. It was considered on archaeological grounds that the site would have been occupied for not less than a century between AD 1200 and 1500.