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Lab number
Field number
Material dated
linden wood; bois de tilleul
Taxa dated
Tilia sp.
on the site of Holy Cross Cemetery, Halifax County, Nova Scotia
Map sheet
11 D/12
M. Laver
Date submitted
November 14, 0097
Measured Age
315 ± 60
Normalized Age
315 ± 60
δ13C (per mil)
Historic; historique
central section of a church altar piece pre-dating the chapel
Associated taxa
Flora: Tilia sp
Additional information
13.21 g submitted
BdCv-no #, the Chapel Built in One Day: A sample from the altar was submitted by the Canadian Conservation Institute for radiocarbon dating, and art historical evaluations were sought to complement the dating results. The Roman Catholic Chapel was erected in one day, on 31 August 1843, incorporating elements previously prepared, including the altar. The altar itself is completely undocumented, but the heavily overpainted sculptures undergoing conservation treatment are similar to the more excellent recorded examples of master carvers' work. One art historian noted stylistic similarities to a work of Fritz Mayer van den Bergh which dates from 1490-1495 in Antwerp or Brussels. A second opinion was that the carving is Flemish and dates from the early 16th century and, more specifically pre-1520 based on the style which was considered to be more gothic than Renaissance. A newspaper clipping from Halifax claims that the wooden carvings were taken from a Flemish church in 1550, but no corroboration is available.