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Lab number
Material dated
marine shell; coquillage
Taxa dated
Crassostrea virginica
at Whynacht Cove, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia
Map sheet
21 A/08
A.H. Clarke
Date submitted
July 7, 0097
Measured Age
1290 ± 75
Normalized Age
1700 ± 105
δ13C (per mil)
Woodland; Sylvicole
shell heap, lowermost of three levels
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Odocoileus sp; Mollusca: Crassostrea virginica
BcDb-1, Whynacht Cove: This is a shell heap with three levels. Erskine notes that the first level contained Indian Garden points. Antler tines of the white-tailed deer occurred near the bottom, and fragments of caribou antler were found in the upper 20 cm. This represented the earliest definite find of caribou in Nova Scotia. Oysters are now locally extirpated, and no oyster shells were found in the upper levels of this site.