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Lab number
Material dated
marine shell; coquillage
Taxa dated
Littorina littorea (id. by A.H. Clarke)
Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
Map sheet
20 O/16
A.H. Clarke
Date submitted
March 10, 0098
Measured Age
100 ± 60
Normalized Age
530 ± 60
δ13C (per mil)
archaeological deposit, but exact provenience unknown
Associated taxa
Mollusca: Littorina littorea
Additional information
33.0 g, dry, treated with an acid leach to remove 20% of the outer material.
AkDm-no #, Yarmouth: GSC-71 is identified as an archaeological sample in a comment concerning GSC-72, a modern age measured on a collection of live periwinkles (Littorina littorea) from Indian Point, at St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia. GSC-72 was "submitted by A.H. Clarke to check on the reliability of the date for archaeological material (GSC-71), that is, to see if living specimens would produce modern dates (e.g., were not ingesting and depositing fossil (old) carbon" (McNeely, 1989: 9). The actual measurement of GSC-72 (102.2% std) shows the influence of bomb testing, an effect that defeats Clarke's purpose (McNeely, p.c. 1998). A comment by Clarke claims that GSC-71, "the original archaeological age determination for Littorina littorea" (ibid.) had been previously published in Clarke and Erskine (1961). In fact, that paper reports only I-217, a date on Littorina shells from the Reid site (BdCx-5), collected by Erskine in 1960. GSC-71 was collected from some other site in 1910.