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Lab number
Material dated
horse bone collagen; collagène osseux de cheval
Taxa dated
Equus conversidens (id. by L.V. Hills)
St. Mary Reservoir, Alberta
Map sheet
82 H/06
B. Kooyman
Date submitted
March 9, 2006
Normalized Age
11330 ± 70
palaeobiology; paléobiologie
erosion surface exposed by wave and wind action on the floor of the St. Mary reservoir
Associated taxa
Mammalia: Equus conversidens
DhPg-8, Wally's Beach: Lowering of the St. Mary reservoir for construction of a new spillway exposed the bottom sediment to wind and wave erosion that uncovered a remarkable series of skeletal remains, trackways, and stone tools. Radiocarbon dates have been obtained on extinct horse and bison, helmeted musk oxen, and caribou bones. Trackways of mammoths, camels and horses have been identified. Kooyman and others (2001) report the identification of horse and bovid protein residues on three Clovis points from the site. Presumably the points date to the same interval established for the dated mammals (11000-11350 BP).