Hall and Chambellan 1983

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
LUNK-2042 48CO637 (Nap 72) WY
LUNK-2041 48CO637 (Nap 72) WY
LUNK-2040 48CO637 (Nap 72) WY
LUNK-2039 48CO637 (Nap 72) WY
LUNK-2035 48CO640 (Na62) WY
Beta-5546 48CA1049 WY
Beta-4599 48CO1059 (956-62) WY
Beta-4598 48CA1042 (Na51) WY
Beta-4596 48CA1059 (Na76) WY
Beta-4595 48CO1059 (956-62) WY
Beta-4593 48CA1059 (Na76) WY
Beta-4592 48CA1019 WY
Beta-4591 48CA1019 WY
Beta-4590 48CO637 (Nap 72) WY
Beta-4589 48CA1019 WY
Beta-4588 48CA1042 (Na51) WY
Beta-4587 48CA1030 WY
Beta-4585 48CO1034 (961-45) WY
Beta-4533 48CO1034 (961-45) WY
Beta-4532 48CA185 (Knoll) WY
Beta-4531 48CA1034 WY
Beta-4527 48CA1019 WY
Beta-4526 48CA185 (Knoll) WY
Beta-4525 48CO637 (Nap 72) WY
Beta-4485 48CA1042 (Na51) WY