Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia Radiocarbon Database

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
UGa-2607 46MS53 (Roseberry Farm) WV
UGa-2606 46MS53 (Roseberry Farm) WV
UGa-2275 46PU60 (Amos Power Plant) WV
UGa-2039 46PU60 (Amos Power Plant) WV
UGa-1578 46KA104 (Hansford) WV
UGa-1576 46CB56 (Weed Shelter) WV
UGa-1549 46HS2 (Oak Mound) WV
UGa-1527 46PL13 (Willow Island Mound) WV
UGa-1526 46PL13 (Willow Island Mound) WV
UGa-1436 46BO25 (James Creek) WV
UGa-1395 46KA104 (Hansford) WV
UGa-1394 46KA105 (Jarvis Farm) WV
UGa-1324 46MR1 (Grave Creek Mound) WV
UGa-1318 46MR1 (Grave Creek Mound) WV
UGa-1283 46TA1 (Henderson Rocks) WV
UGa-1282 46TA1 (Henderson Rocks) WV
UGa-1281 46TA1 (Henderson Rocks) WV
UGa-1280 46MR13 (Fairchance Mound) WV
UGa-1279 46MR13 (Fairchance Mound) WV
UGa-1093 46KA104 (Hansford) WV
Tx-6024 46WD1 (Blennerhassett Mansion) WV
Tx-6023 46WD1 (Blennerhassett Mansion) WV
Tx-6022 46WD1 (Blennerhassett Mansion) WV
Tx-6021 46WD61 (Muskingum 1) WV
Tx-6020 46WD61 (Muskingum 1) WV