Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia Radiocarbon Database

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
UGa-? 46KA65 (Young Mound) WV
UGa-4732? 46KA165 (Charleston Town Center) WV
LUNK-2000 46WD38 (Blennerhasset Village) WV
LUNK-1996 46OH9 (Hughes Farm) WV
LUNK-1995 46OH9 (Hughes Farm) WV
LUNK-1994 46MS53 (Roseberry Farm) WV
LUNK-1993 46MS121 (Childers) WV
LUNK-1992 46MR13 (Fairchance Mound) WV
LUNK-1988 46KA? (Mound) WV
LUNK-1395 15MM6 (Wright Mound) KY
LUNK-1387 15MS28 (Pyles) KY
LUNK-1386 15MS28 (Pyles) KY
LUNK-1381 15JF187 (Sara) KY
Y-486 46MG9 (Rohr Shelter) WV 5310 ± 90 -25.0
Y-485 46MG9 (Rohr Shelter) WV 1940 ± 70 -25.0
Y-484 46MG9 (Rohr Shelter) WV 4150 ± 60 -25.0
Y-1541 46PU2 (Turkey Creek Mound) WV
Y-1540 46KA27 (St. Albans) WV 8160 ± 100 -25.0
Y-1539 46KA27 (St. Albans) WV 8250 ± 100 -25.0
Y-1538 46KA27 (St. Albans) WV 8930 ± 160 -25.0
Y-1537 46MR13 (Fairchance Mound) WV
UW-562 46OH16 (Duvall) WV
UW-561 46OH16 (Duvall) WV
UGa-955 46WD39 (Neale's Landing) WV
UGa-954 46WD39 (Neale's Landing) WV