Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
RL-981 48SH39 (Owl Pellet) WY
RL-995 48SW515 (Trap Gopher) WY
RL-993 48CR601 (Rubber Ball) WY
RL-990 48CR907 (Fr2) WY
RL-989 48SH44 (Morning Ridge Overlook) WY
RL-988 48SW871 (5 Mile Gulch) WY
RL-987 48SW872 (Car View Dune) WY
RL-986 48SW599 (U.P. Springs) WY
RL-985 48SW584 (Days End) WY
RL-984 48SW582 (Metropolis Dune) WY
RL-983 48SW552 WY
RL-982 48SW544 WY
RL-980 48SW548 (Big Pits) WY
RL-978 48SW543 (Lots Of Flakes) WY
RL-976 48FR261 (Long Butte 2) WY
RL-975 48FR261 (Long Butte 2) WY
RL-974 48FR261 (Long Butte 2) WY
RL-972 48PL69 (Band Arrow) WY
RL-970 48CR158 (Dead Dog) WY
RL-969 48WA47 (Big Sissy) WY
RL-968 48WA49 WY
RL-966 48WA46 (Hot Jeans) WY
RL-965 48PL65 (Grayrocks) WY
RL-962 48PL65 (Grayrocks) WY
RL-960 48SW572 (Box Lunch) WY