Kentucky, OH, and West Virginia Radiocarbon Database

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
AA-2823? 33LI212 (Murphy) OH 1807 ± 85 -25.94
DIC-? 33AT132 (Rock Riffle Run Mound) OH
LUNK-1758 33TR58 (Hoffaker) OH
LUNK-1757 33TR58 (Hoffaker) OH
LUNK-1726 33FA? (Mount Pleasant) OH
WIS-2136 33OT9 (Petersen) OH
WIS-2135 33OT9 (Petersen) OH
WIS-2134 33OT9 (Petersen) OH
WIS-2133 33OT9 (Petersen) OH
UGa-4641 33GR5 (Pollock Works) OH
UGa-4640 33GR5 (Pollock Works) OH
UGa-4242 33GR5 (Pollock Works) OH
UGa-4241 33GR5 (Pollock Works) OH
UGa-3943 33BL6 (Brokaw) OH
UGa-3430 33BL6 (Brokaw) OH
UGa-3429 33BL6 (Brokaw) OH
UGa-2536 33SA9 (Pearson) OH
UGa-2410 33PI44 (Tick Ridge) OH
UGa-2409 33PI44 (Tick Ridge) OH
UGa-2408 33PI44 (Tick Ridge) OH
UGa-2407 33PI44 (Tick Ridge) OH
UGa-2406 33PI44 (Tick Ridge) OH
UGa-2334 33BL17 (Cravat I) OH
UGa-2333 33BL17 (Cravat I) OH
UGa-2332 33BL3 (Opatrny Village) OH