Sims and Connaway 2000

Samples that cite this reference

Lab number Site Province / State Normalized age δ13C (per mil)
Y-2498 22WS500 (Winterville)
Y-2497 22WS500 (Winterville)
Y-2496 22WS500 (Winterville)
Y-2494 22WS500 (Winterville)
Y-2493 22WS500 (Winterville)
UM-1743 22PS571 (Mackey's Creek)
UGa-968 22MO569 (Hester)
UGa-967 22TU518 (Flowers #3) MS
UGa-966 22TU518 (Flowers #3) MS
UGa-965 22TU518 (Flowers #3) MS
UGa-964 22TU518 (Flowers #3) MS
UGa-911 22LO564 (Barnes Mound)
UGa-910 22CL527 (Kellogg Village)
UGa-909 22CL528 (Kellogg Mound)
UGa-908 22CL528 (Kellogg Mound)
UGa-864 22MO569 (Hester)
UGa-863 22MO569 (Hester)
UGa-862 22MO569 (Hester)
UGa-861 22MO569 (Hester)
UGa-804 22TU533 (Martin #1) MS
UGa-803 22AM500 (Sturdivant Fishweir)
UGa-682 22LO538 (Vaughn)
UGa-681 22LO538 (Vaughn)
UGa-680 22LO507 (Coleman Mound)
UGa-6645 22TU549 (Austin) MS 787 ± 47